The Throw:

  • The javelin must be held by the grip and thrown over the shoulder (not slung or hurled).
  • At no time during the throwing action may the competitor turn completely around so that their back is towards the throwing arc, until the javelin has been discharged into the air.
  • The javelin must be thrown from within the run up zone.
  • The tip of the javelin must land within, and not on the sector lines.
  • The tip must land before any other part of the javelin.

Leaving the run way:

  • The competitor must not leave the runway until the javelin has touched the ground.
  • Athletes must leave the run up zone from behind the throwing arc, after the javelin has landed.


The measurement of each throw shall be made from where the metal tip of the javelin first strikes the ground to the inside edge of the arc, along a line from the point of the landing to the centre of the circle of which the arc is part.