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Shot Put

Entering the circle:

  • The athlete may enter the circle from any direction.
  • Each throw must be commenced from a stationary position inside the circle.

The throw:

  • When a competitor takes a stance in the circle, the shot must be held in one hand close to the chin.
  • The shot must be put from the shoulder with one hand and should not be brough from behind the line of the shoulder.

Leaving the circle:

  • The athlete must leave from the rear half of the circle and from a standing position.
  • The athlete must not leave the circle until the shot has landed.

Measuring:  A prong, with the zero end of the measuring tape attached, is placed on the near edge of the imprint mark made by the discus. The tape measure is drawn tight through the centre of the throwing ring. The distance of the throw is measured at the point where the tape crosses the inner edge of the ring. Measurement is made to the nerest centimetre below the distance thrown unless the reading is a whole centimetre.

Under 6 Boys & Girls          1.5 kgs       2   
Under 7Boys & Girls 1.5 kgs 2
Under 8 Boys & Girls 1.5 kgs 2
Under 9 Boys & Girls 2.0 kgs 3
Under 10 Boys & Girls 2.0 kgs 3
Under 11 Boys & Girls 2.0 kgs 3
Under 12 Girls 2.0 kgs 3
Under 12 Boys 3.0 kgs 3
Under 13 Boys & Girls 3.0 kgs 3
Under 14 Girls 3.0 kgs 3
Under 14 Boys 4.0 kgs 3
Under 15 Girls 3.0 kgs 3
Under 15 Boys 4.0 kgs 3

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