Warrnambool Little Athletics Club Uniform

The Warrnambool uniform consists of a Club athletic singlet worn with navy blue running shorts. It is not compulsory to wear the club uniform for regular Friday night meetings.

For competitions no white markings (e.g. logos) are to show on the shorts so try to buy brands with minimal white trim which can be be covered by navy material or tape on the day of competition. Navy leggings and bike shorts with no logos are now acceptable also. 

Footwear must be worn.

Spikes may be worn by U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16 age groups in laned events and jumps.  Spikes must be no longer than 7mm and should be pyramid or conical profile.  (At Lakeside Stadium spikes must be 6mm or less for track events.  7mm spikes allowed for Javelin and High Jump.)

Club shirts available for $35.