Sprints, Middle Distance and Distance Runs


The sprint events are held over 70 metres and 100 metres and are laned events.

Starting: A standing start is recommended for the younger age groups. U12-16 are encouraged to do crouch starts and starting blocks may be used. The commands for start are "on your mark" children should step up to the line, "set" children should adopt their starting position and remain still until the starting gun fires.


Middle Distance

Middle distance events are the 200 metres and 400 metres races. These are laned events. Starting procuedure is the same as for sprints.



Distance events are the 300 metres (U7s), 800 metres and 1500 metres. These events are not run in lanes. Runners may move to the inside lane of the track providing they do not interfere with other runners.

Starting: The command for starting is "on your mark" when children should step up to the starting line, immediately adopt their starting position, and stand still until the gun fires.