Triple Jump

Triple Jump

Competitors in the U8 age group have two jumps. Competitors in the U9 - U15 age groups have three jumps.

The triple jump consists of three distinct movements which must be performed in the correct order. These are:

1. The hop - where the athlete takes off and lands on the same foot as that from which s/he took off;

2. The step - where the athletes lands on the opposite foot to that used for the hop; and

3. The jump - where the athlete lands on one or both feet in the sandpit.

Steps one and two above should be completed on the run-up track.

1. Competitors in the U8 age group take off for their hop from a 1.22 metre by 1 metre mat.

2. Competitors in the U9 - U11 age groups use a 1.22 metre by 0.5 metre mat. Officials will assist children to determine suitable mat placement early in the season.

3. Competitors in the U12 - U15 age groups take off from a 1.22 metres by 0.20 metres board.